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The Heart of Clearwater is its Community. The people here bring the town to life with their support, friendship, and shared celebrations. It’s where your neighbors become friends, and community events feel like big family gatherings.

Were Rivers Converge

Clearwater, a city in Stearns and Wright counties, is tucked into the northern tip of Wright County, where the Clearwater and Mississippi Rivers converge. The town has several parks and abundant paved paths for walking and biking. 

History’s First

The ferry was a unique part of Clearwater’s rivertown history. 1856, the first ferry cable, a three-inch manilla rope, was strung across the Mississippi, giving Clearwater the distinction of having had the longest operating ferry on the entire Mississippi River!

Economic Pulse

Beyond the scenic views, Clearwater offers a business-friendly environment that paves the way for opportunities. More than just a pretty spot on the map, it’s a community where an easy-going lifestyle for all generations to experience harmony. It’s a place to grow roots, build connections, and embrace life.

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